Kinhank 500G HDD External Hard Drive with 111700+ Retro Games, Batocera 33 Gaming System,Game Consoles Compatible with Most Emulators,SATA 3.0,for Laptop/PC/Windows/Mac OS,2 Controllers

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$289.99$289.99 $339.99$339.99 $129.99$129.99 $249.99$249.99 $119.99$119.99

400+ Game Collections 45+ Emulators 70+ Emulators 60+ Emulators 85 Emulatores 50+ Emulators

Pre-installed Games
40000+ Games 16,000+ Games 100,000+ Games 117000+Games 120000+ Games 117000+ Games

Supported Windows 7 and above system EmuELEC 4.5/Android 9.0 EmuELEC 4.5/Android 9.0/CoreELEC 3 Systems in 1 Batocera 33 Game System Game&TV Systems in 1


500G HDD Hard Drive with 111700+ Classic Retro Games

It will be a nice gift for yourself, because tens of thousands of retro games will bring you back to your childhood !

It will also be a nice gift for friends and family, since it will enable you share your happy childhood with them !


How to enter the game system

1, Connect the portable hard drive to the USB port on your PC or Mac when it’s off, USB 3.0 port is recommended.

2, After pressing the power button, keep tapping ESC or Delete on your keyboard to enter BIOS. For Mac users, simply hold Option and choose the portable hard drive to boot into.

3, By choosing the Hard Drive in the boot override option, your PC will boot into Batocera for once, after restarting it will get back to your own operating system. If you’d like Batocera as default booting option, go to the Boot page and set the portable hard drive as Boot Option #1.


This hard drive will only work with X86 hardware (32bit or 64bit), any ARM based device (Windows Surface series, Mac with power pc CPU or M1 CPU) will not work. The BIOS interface and options may vary on your device as manufacturers may adopt unique BIOS or UEFI systems, if you encounter any hiccups and difficulties, you are more than welcome to contact our friendly sales staff.






【111700+ Retro Games】Adopt Batocera 33 game system,83 emulators and 111700+ classic video games are pre-installed in kinhank hard drive,including 5000+3D games,well compatible with most emulators,also supports add games by yourself,user friendly.
【Plug and Play】 kinhank 500G hdd is plug and play, No driver needed, just a data cable connection, your computer will instantly become a game console.You can enjoy happy gaming time with friends and family at any time.
【Widely Compatible】Kinhank 500G hard drive is compatible with Windows / Mac OS / Linux operating system that with X86 architecture, suitable for PC, laptop,smart TV and mini computer such as Super Console X PC Box/Super Console X PC Lite and Super Console X PC MINI.
【SATA 3.0 Chip】 kinhank 2tb game console is adopt SATA 3.0 main control chip, support UASP protocol, greatly reduce CPU occupancy rate, data delay and waiting time.ASP protocol, greatly reduce CPU occupancy rate, data delay and waiting time.It also backward compatible with earlier versions such as USB2.0,etc.
【Fast Transmission Speed】 USB 3.0 Interface,faster transmission speed up to 6GB/S.Providing you smoother and more stable gaming experience. Also backward compatible with USB2.0,etc.

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