Kinhank 500G Portable External Game Hard Drive Disk, Built-in 111000+ Games, Batocera 33 Game System, for Laptop/PC/Windows/, (No Gamepad)

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How to enter the game system?

Connect the portable hard drive to the USB port on your PC or Mac when it’s off, USB 3.0 port is recommended.

After pressing the power button, keep tapping ESC or Delete on your keyboard(wired or 2.4g wireless Keyboard, bluetooth keyboard does not work) to enter BIOS. For Mac users, simply hold Option and choose the portable hard drive to boot into.

Notice: This hard drive will only work with X86 hardware (32bit or 64bit), any ARM based device (Windows Surface series, Mac with power pc CPU or M1 CPU) will not work. The BIOS interface and options may vary on your device as manufacturers may adopt unique BIOS or UEFI systems



game consolegame console

Built-in 111000+ Games

500G HDD is pre-installed with 108 game collections and emulators, 111000+ games, can run works flawlessly with large games

Strong Compatibility

For Super console PC Box, Super console GK MINI, Super console PC Mini, X86 PC. You can turn your computer and notebook into a game console, the game has been pre-installed, plug and play.

10 Min Smart Sleep

LED indicator, monitors the working status at any time.reducing the loss of hard disk.


How to Check Hard Disk CapacityHow to Check Hard Disk Capacity

How to check hard disk capacity?

1. Enter the game system

2. Press the “start” key to enter the main menu to find the system settings

3. Select the “Information” option and click to enter

4. Then you can see system disk usage

Tips: Since the game system of the hard disk is a Linux system file, the game partition can not be seen under the Windows system, you can enter the game system to check.

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$95.98$95.98 $89.98$89.98 $118.99$118.99
— $229.99$229.99

Android 7.1+Emuelec 3.9 Android 7.1+Emuelec 3.9 Android 9.0+Emuelec 4.6+CoreELEC Android TV 9.0+EmuELEC 4.5 Android 9.0+EmuELEC 4.5+ CoreE Systems

117000+Games 117000+Games 65,000+Games 100,000+Games 117000+Games

S905X S905 S905X3 S905X2 S922X

HD/AV Output

Number of controllers
2 2 2 2 2

【Plug and Play】: No need for any drivers, just a data cable connection, the computer will instantly turn into a game console, you can enjoy the joy of games anytime, anywhere.
【111000+ Games】: 84 game collections and simulators are pre-installed, 111000+ games including 5000+ 3D games are built-in. You can also add games yourself, which is very convenient.
【Batocera 33 System】: The latest Batocera 33 system is pre-installed, which can be directly read in the Windows system, which is convenient for adding and deleting games.
【Wide Compatibility】: The 500G HDD is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Win7-10/Mac OS 10.2, suitable for PC, Laptop, Smart TV, etc.
【USB 3.0 High-speed Transmission】: USB 3.0 interface, fast transmission, save more time, backward compatible with earlier versions such as USB2.0, this HDD hard drive supports 26 languages, English, French, German, etc.

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